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Land of fun
Outdoor fun

Nautical base and jetty

Private beach


Located on the shore of Lake Siutghiol, the La Scoica Land resort has the perfect location for a dream vacation.

You are close to all the Mamaia attractions, but you enjoy the tranquility of a wonderful, secluded place, which doesn’t seems to be part of the surrounding world.

Nautical base and jetty

La Scoica Land resort offers all those who love water sports the opportunity to enjoy their passion right inside the complex.

At our nautical base there are available both motor-free boats: hydro-bicycle, kayak, boat, surf, and motor-boats: ski-jet, boat, catamaran

Private beach and pool

With an area of 1000 sqm, the private beach arranged on the lake shore has a capacity of about 200 sunbeds and canopies.

Tourists staying at the hotel benefit from free access and lounge chairs on the complex’s private beach, the perfect haven for relaxation and sunbathing in a beautiful and peaceful natural setting.

Land of kids

The Land of Kids is a magical universe dedicated to the little ones! 300 sqm of joy in which the swings, toys and climbing elements will keep the little ones occupied.

All the fun is carefully supervised by our certified staff, so the children can play safely, and you can enjoy relaxing without worries.